・現在身長 表示機能

This update (Ver0.53) has a bit less content than the previous one since we had to focus some of our attention on adjusting new features as well as optimizing the game's running speed.
To make up for it, we added one "Bonus" scene at the end that was significantly easier to develop. It probably won't be included in the final release as is, but we might go back to it and polish it later on.
We can't guarantee there will be bonus scenes like this with every new update, but we'll do our best to include them when possible to make up for smaller updates.

Below are some system changes for this update (you may read more about them in the ReadMe file)
・Oculus support to Steam VR
・WindowsMR controller support
・Pause function (without menu display)
・"Outfits" option in the menu (the only currently available outfit swap is socks/barefoot)
・Current height display
・PC spec output button
・Fixed display bug that causes the model's eyes to glitch out
・Optimized for slightly smoother running speed