Q: SteamVRで上手く起動できません。
A: SteamVRの設定からダイレクトモードを有効化するとプレイが可能になるかもしれません。お試しください。

Q: SteamVRでのプレイ時に視点の高さがおかしい。
A: メニューのカメラリセットボタンと、それぞれのコントローラーに対応したカメラリセットキーが割り当てられていますのでお試しください。
 いずれそれぞれのVR機器でのポジションを調整しようと考えてはいますが、現在Oculus CV1しか手元にないため確認が難しい状態になっていますので、もうしばらく時間がかかるかもしれません。

Q: ○○のシーンで進めなくなります。
A: プレイ環境やスペック不足などによるバグと思われます。



Q: I can't get the game to work in SteamVR.
A: Please try turning on Direct Mode via SteamVR's settings. That may fix the issue.

Q: When playing in SteamVR, the camera's height is too high / too low.
A: Try using Camera Reset in the game's menu, or its corresponding keyboard/gamepad shortcut (see Readme). Sooner or later we're planning to manually adjust the positioning in accordance to every VR kit out there, but it might take a while as we currently only have Oculus CV1 and therefore can only use that for testing.

Q: I'm stuck at scene so-and-so and can't proceed.
A: We believe it might be a result of insufficient specs / memory. If you encounter such an issue, we'd appreciate it if you would tell us (via a comment here, Twitter, or e-mail) in which scene this happens to you.

We unfortunately do not have a PC that can replicate this issue, so it might take a while until we release a complete fix.
In the meantime, here is a complete save data where you can jump to any scene in the demo. It's a temporary solution, but we hope it helps a bit for now.


To use this save data, overwrite the following file in the following folder with it:

*Scenes where we've confirmed this issue occurs:
・In the "Enter Badzilla" scene, right after Chieri says "How about now?" when shrinking you down.